Simplicity 1793



Well yet again I decided to sew a Simplicity pattern knowing all the issues I have had.  This one was no exception to the “I don’t care for Simplicity”.  I was able to fix the one huge problem I saw while sewing this time and learned I MUST read all the pattern before buying. 

I do have to say it is a cute outfit (I chose view B) and the matching doll outfit made this perfect for my great nieces.   Here is my page about the big doll projects I made a couple of years ago.  

I picked out the main fabric and decided I wanted to use different contrasting fabric.  It took me a LONG time in JoAnn’s to find contrasting fabric I liked that was affordable.  I haven’t purchased cotton fabric for a while and was surprised to find almost every bolt of fabric I liked was $12.99 a yard and they were on sale for 30% which meant I could not use my 50% coupon.  I remember when most of the cottons were $4.99 a yard, OK I digress. I then purchased a beige fabric for the pants which I didn’t think matched well but was the closest thing I could find.  A week later I was able to go to Hobby Lobby and found a perfect match, Yeah!!

I sewed the tops first and serged the seams as I went.  I didn’t like that the top has a zipper and would have inserted elastic if my nieces didn’t live in Alaska.  But, since I could not fly there to fit them I decided to use the zipper.  


The pattern has you attach the bodice to the skirt, make the button holes, and then install the zipper.  This would have left the zipper unfinished so I sewed the front part of the bodice to the skirt, installed the zipper and then hand sewed the lining to the bodice. This enclosed the top of the zipper and the seam on the bodice which will be much nicer on the skin if they wear them without a shirt.  As the last step I made the button holes.


The pants and doll dress were easy and I made no changes.  I sewed the seams and serged them as I went along.

This was an easy pattern to make if you know how to install a zipper.  If you are able to fit the pattern I would make a larger size in the width, sew a casing on the sides and insert a piece of elastic instead of putting the zipper in.

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