Space Girl Organics – Central/Space Coast of Florida

Look what was delivered to my door today!

Look what was delivered to my door today!

I can’t remember why I decided to like Space Girl Organics on my Faceboook.  Maybe it was one of those “Suggestions”.  No matter the reason I prefer organic fruits and veggies and it said they deliver right to your door (if you live in their delivery area).


 A few weeks ago I finally decided to go to their website and really check it out.  There was a $25 start up fee but they had a “Try a Box Today” offer of $25 so I decided to try it out.  The code is “tryitout”.

During the sign up process I had to decided if I wanted deliveries every week or every other week but, this can be changed at anytime.  I was also able look at a monthly calendar and delete deliveries or add deliveries.  I signed up for every other week but if I have company on a week not scheduled I can add in those weeks.  Changes have to be made the Sunday before the deliveries are made.

The food is dropped off either Wednesday or Thursday depending on your location.  If you are not going to be home you can leave a cooler out and they will place your products in it.  

There are several different options you can chose from and box prices range from $25 – $57.  You don’t have to stay with one option either you can change this depending on what your needs are for that week.

Each week what is delivered will change depending on what veggies and fruit are available. When the menu is set for the week they email you and then you  can go to the site and see what is available. This week the small “Essential Fruits and Veggie” box is what I had delivered.  These were the items listed:

2 each Blood Orange (CA)
1 bunch Bananas (ECU)
2 each Midseason Orange (FL)
1 bunch Arugula (FL)
1 each Bell Pepper (FL)
1 bunch Carrots w/ tops (CA)
1 each Yellow Onion (US)
2 each Kiwi (CA)
1 each Broccoli (FL)

I did not want the blood oranges so exchanged them for a pear, the onion for garlic, and the arugula for red leaf lettuce.  It was so easy! Again these changes had to be made by Sunday evening.

When I checked my account Monday morning it showed that my delivery would be  made today.  It also had a picture of each item and how many I would receive.  It is so user friendly.


I did not purchase any add-on’s but they have items such as nut butter, honey, olive oil, coffee and more.  Here are the add-on’s available.

They also have a co-op option that you can set up.  If you have at least 4 different orders sent to the same address you can receive 10% off your orders.  If you want to raise funds for a school or organization you can even do that.  Here is the page with information about how to set these up.


This is a great business and I am VERY pleased at what I received today.  The lettuce was huge and beautiful, there were 7 banana’s in the bunch and the garlic should last me a while!

If you decide to try it out please list me as a referral.   After your 2nd order I will receive a $10 gift.  If you refer friends you will get a $10 gift also!

Thanks Space Girl Organics!!

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