Pump & Seal – Wonderful Find!!!


For quite a while I had been looking to purchase a food type of sealer.  Not because I wanted to seal bags but because I wanted the lid attachment for sealing canning jars. I just couldn’t bring myself to pay over $100 for something I was not going to use so I could purchase the attachment.


While searching on the internet I came across the Pump & Seal.  It seemed to get good reviews for the most part and the big plus is you don’t have to use electricity.  One article I read said you can even use the lid attachment from the food sealer with it.

The way this works for jars is you poke a small hole in the canning lid with a push pin (included) place one of the seals over the hole and pump the air out of the jar (here is a video on how it works).  It seemed easy so I decided to order it.

My husband likes the iceberg lettuce mix you can purchase at the grocery stores.  They are not really cheap and we always end up throwing out most of it.  I found the same mix recently at B.J.’s for the same price and about 3 times more.  I figured if we threw some of it away it would still be a better buy.  I don’t think that will happen anymore.  


I decided to try an experiment with some in a plastic bag and some in a jar using the Pump and Seal.  This lettuce has been in the fridge for a week. As you can see by the pictures the lettuce in the jar was like fresh while the lettuce that was in the bag was already turning brown and my husband won’t eat that.


You can use the Pump and Seal to seal bags but it is a little tricky and you have to use oil.  I really don’t want to do that with lettuce and fruits plus I will save on the cost of bags now.

The cost of the tabs are high but if I can get the lid attachment to work I won’t have to worry about buying the tabs.  I was able to re-seal the jar of lettuce I opened without having to use a new tab but not sure it will work if you take it off to wash the lids.

You can even use it to re-seal store-bought jars such as pickles and jams.  Now I won’t have to dry can my items such as sugar and flour.

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2 Responses to Pump & Seal – Wonderful Find!!!

  1. kim says:

    You can get a jar sealer from the FoodSaver products to seal jars. I then got a “brake line bleeder” from the auto parts store for just a couple of dollars to take all the air out of the jars. you don’t need any fancy seals or anything else and can use the canning jar lids over and over.

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