Baby Bunny!


The past couple of days the dog has been trying to dig up the mulch around my rose bush.  I have been scolding him and putting it back.  Yesterday there was some type of fuzz around the area but I didn’t even give it a thought.

Today I was out watering my plants and the dog kept barking at the rose bush.  When I walk over to check it out it just looked like he had dug up the mulch again but then I saw movement.  I got a stick and sure enough a baby bunny!

I can’t tell if there are others.  Last time we had bunnies there were 3.  This one still has its eyes closed.  I just wanted to pick it up and hug and cuddle it but I don’t know if the mama bunny will reject it.

They are SO CUTE!!!  Here is a shakey video of it.

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2 Responses to Baby Bunny!

  1. thebeadden says:

    Awwww….so cute! Oh, I didn’t find anything about the orange tree that you probably don’t already know. Root planted too deep or not enough drainage. Sorry. 😦

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