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Space Girl Organics – Central/Space Coast of Florida

I can’t remember why I decided to like Space Girl Organics on my Faceboook.  Maybe it was one of those “Suggestions”.  No matter the reason I prefer organic fruits and veggies and it said they deliver right to your door … Continue reading

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Crochet Cable Afghan – Free Pattern

This is pretty and easy to crochet pattern by Coats and Clark. It has a repeat after every 10th row and once you get the pattern down you won’t have to look at the instructions.  Every even row is a repeat of … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Waffle Recipe

While I was trying to get to sleep last night I decided I wanted to try some homemade waffles in the morning so I grabbed my Kindle and looked up a recipe.  Here is the website. These really are good! … Continue reading

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Pump & Seal – Wonderful Find!!!

For quite a while I had been looking to purchase a food type of sealer.  Not because I wanted to seal bags but because I wanted the lid attachment for sealing canning jars. I just couldn’t bring myself to pay over $100 … Continue reading

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Spiny Orb Weaver aka Crab Spider – 2/14/13

I found this fellow or lady a couple of days ago.  The wind has been strong so I wasn’t able to get pictures until today.  It is located between my fence and my Firebush and was at a perfect height … Continue reading

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Coffee Spice Bar Soap – Hot Process

Is there a hot process soap recipe that Andrea at “Frugally Sustainable“ has posted that I haven’t tried? This new recipe sounded luscious, what is better than coffee, cinnamon, ginger and cloves.  The ingredients for this bar soap are: 12 ounces Olive oil … Continue reading

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Tree of Life – Free Afghan Pattern

I really liked this pattern when I saw it on Pinterest. Most of the stitches are pretty straight forward, chains, single crochet, and double crochet.  Then there are a few more advanced stitches, front and back post double crochets and front … Continue reading

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Baby Bunny!

The past couple of days the dog has been trying to dig up the mulch around my rose bush.  I have been scolding him and putting it back.  Yesterday there was some type of fuzz around the area but I … Continue reading

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Charley Brown Orange Tree – to Keep or Not to Keep

Three years ago and then again two years ago we had severe freezes in Florida.  We lost every one of our citrus trees except one.  I call it our “Charley Brown” orange tree.  Since it was so pathetic this last … Continue reading

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Re-growing Celery – Easy Peasy

Did you know you can re-grow celery?  There are a few store bought items that you can re-grow and celery is one of them.  It is so easy.  You just save the bottom of your celery stalks and push it … Continue reading

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