Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds – 2013 Pure Seed Book


Photo by TJ Jones and Brian Dunne

I just received my Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Book in the mail.  OH MY!  It was like getting a high quality magazine.  As I thumbed through it my eyes feasted on beautiful fruits, veggies, and flowers, a lot I have never seen or heard of before.  


This “Book” is not only chalked full of pictures but also recipes and articles.  For example there is an article on how to save tomato seeds and a recipe for “Ground Cherry Crisp”.


I immediately emailed them to ask permission to share with you a few of the pages so you can see how beautiful this seed book is and they generously agreed. I also want you to know they charge nothing to ship you this “Book”.


I also visited their website and it too has lots of gardening information, a blog, forums and more.  You can visit their website and they can also be found on Facebook.

I can’t wait to place my order for fun and interesting veggies to try out this year.

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2 Responses to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds – 2013 Pure Seed Book

  1. thebeadden says:

    Bookmarked the blog. Looks like it i packed full of great information. Thanks for sharing!

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