Amy Butler Blossom Handbag – My Favorite Purse


I decided to make the Amy Butler Blossom handbag for my mother-in-law for Christmas.  This is my favorite purse and each time I make this pattern I seem to change a few things.

DSCN3605 DSCN3601

I have been trying to figure out just the right combo of interfacing and I think I finally have it figured out.  This time I used craft fuse for the outside fabric and on the inside I used  craft fuse for the sides and used the Pellon #70 for the front, bottom and back.  I also used 3 layers of the craft fuse on the flap and 1 layer of craft fuse for the handles.

DSCN3611 DSCN3610

I used some of the faux leather I bought clearanced at Wal-mart last year.  It is a wine color and used a red/wine cotton for the inside.

Here are the other handbands I made.  This one was made with recycled jeans.

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2 Responses to Amy Butler Blossom Handbag – My Favorite Purse

  1. Bernie Nixon says:

    This is my favourite purse pattern, too! I’ve so far made two of them, one the right size, and one that I reduced to 65% of its intended size. You can see my versions on my blog at Thanks for sharing your creations 🙂

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