Giant Swallowtails – 20 days


Today was the perfect day for my friend’s daughter to come help me out.  Of all the young ladies I know she is the animal lover of the bunch and having the butterflies come out of their cocoons day was special.


I had checked earlier in the day and didn’t see any signs of them coming out but as my helper was sorting fabric for me I noticed one of them was in the jar. We took it outside and had it crawl on her finger.  It wasn’t ready to fly away anytime soon so she finally put it on a plant.


As she was waiting for her mom to pick her up she noticed the other one had come out of its cocoon.  She had never held a butterfly before so this was extra special.


It has been right around 20 days since the caterpillars had made cocoons.  They don’t call these bad boys Giant Swallowtails for nothing.  They were perfect and huge.  Of course the caterpillars were quite large also.


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