McCall’s Pattern 9424 – Pioneer Bonnet

DSCN3456I don’t have a lot of little girls to sew for so when I have a chance I usually take advantage of it.  My neighbor was telling me all about her daughter at Thanksgiving time and how she had this paper bonnet that she made at school and wanted to wear all the time.  She also said she loved Little House on the Prairie.

So when the McCall’s pattern were on sale for $.99 I went looking for a pattern.  I chose  M9424 which has 2 different bonnets, a dress and a pinafore.  I chose size small because I figured I could make them next year for my great nieces.

I sewed view C. There was only 1 change I made to this pattern.  When you sew the casing for the elastic I folded over the raw edge 1/8″ and sewed right on the edge.  I didn’t like having a raw edge even though it is a costume.  

The brim uses an interfacing but I could not find anywhere on the pattern envelope where it said what kind.  I decided to use “Craft Fuse” which is quite stiff and I like the results.


I delivered the hat this evening and “Z” was out with her father.  I can’t wait to see it on her.



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2 Responses to McCall’s Pattern 9424 – Pioneer Bonnet

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  2. That was super nice you made one for her…I’m sure it’ll be a great memory for her as well!

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