McCalls Pattern M6451 View E – Doll Apron Hat and Oven Mit


Patterns on sale for $.99 here I come.  I went to JoAnn’s to purchase a specific pattern, more to come on that later, but when patterns are $.99 I am always looking at the 18″ doll patterns.

McCall’s 6451 was so cute I could no pass  it up.  The hardest part about this pattern was trying to select what I wanted to make for my great niece’s.  I finally settled on view E.  You will have to look at the instructions to get a list of the notions needed.  I used 1/2 elastic and 1/4 bias tape.

I have said it before and I will say it again, for making 18″ doll clothes McCall’s is the best.  It took me 2 hours from start to finish for each outfit.

You will make your own fabric for the oven mitt.   The pattern calls for fleece to be fused in between the two pieces of fabric but I used a thin cotton batting and did not fuse it.  I also did not mark the lines but used my sewing foot to measure each line.  I have a few more lines than the pattern but it sure takes a lot less time than marking each line.  I sewed the first row and then turned the piece and sewed the next row keeping the last row sewn  even with the edge of my presser foot.  When I got done with that row I turned it and then sewed the next row.  By turning after each row sewed there was no slipping of the fabric so no need to fuse. I hope this makes sense.



I also used my homemade ham to press the hem of the hat which worked perfectly.


The dolls I made these pieces for are the Wal-mart version of the American Girl dolls and I could have made the hats a tad bit smaller but they work fine.


You can see the other outfits I have made at this link.

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