Quick and Easy Afghan Pattern – Free

I have been trying to crochet some quick and easy afghans for a crochet ministry at my church.  The group is donating 3′ x 5′ afghans to our local hospital that in turn gives them to families of organ donors.  I had never heard of this ministry before but a search on the internet shows there are several places that takes donations for this cause.

This pattern is great for a variegated yarn.  It works up fast and is calledThe Brain Dead Afghan”  I am sure there is another name for this pattern.

I used the base chain plus 3 additions of 12 chains and the afghan came out at almost 36″ wide.  I used Red Heart Desert Camo yarn.  It took 6 skeins to measure almost 60″.

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2 Responses to Quick and Easy Afghan Pattern – Free

  1. Thanks! I might give a smaller version of this a go for a baby blanket.

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