Baked Apple Chips

What is more appealing than warm apples and cinnamon? Nothing of course.  That is why these baked apple chips are not only yummy but a delight to smell while cooking.

I know I am always saying “this is easy” but these are more than easy if you have the right tool.  The first time I tried these I cut the apples with a knife, not so easy.  Then I pulled out my Pampered Chef mandolin I purchased new at a garage sale recently for $5.  Yes $5 for a $66 mandolin.  I have not tried other mandolins so I can’t compare.

I cut my apples on the thickest setting, placed them on a Silpat lined baking sheet, sprinkled a little sugar and cinnamon on them and placed them in a 200 degree oven for 2 hours.  No peeling or coring and you can just pick out any seeds that are hanging around after you slice them.

The original recipe from says you can cook them for 90 minutes if you want a chewier chip.  That is what my husband has requested for the batch that is in the over now.  Charity on sprinkled the Silpat with powdered sugar which I exchanged for regular sugar.  Of course you don’t have to use sugar or cinnamon at all.

Be ready to make LOTS of these as they go fast!

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