Update on Moringa 11/12/12

I was on a trip for 3 1/2 weeks and my Moringa needed to be cut and dried before I left but that was just one of those things I did not get done.  These trees have almost doubled in size in 4 weeks. There are 3 Moringa’ planted here with the biggest in front. These are growing much quicker than the ones in my back yard which are shaded.

I had staked the tallest one because of the last storm that came through.  Glad I did because with the 50 mph winds from Sandy it started to lean the other way and I am sure I would have lost most of it.  I am now trying to get as much dried as I can each day.

I wanted to purchase screens to lay the Moringa leaves on and this is what I found.  These are adjustable window screens at Home Depot for just over $7 each with tax.  I think they will work great.

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