Homemade Vanilla



I made vanilla today and decided to update my blog with new prices. I also wanted to share these awesome labels I found to use at lovepomegranatehouse.com.

To make homemade vanilla you will need either vodka or bourbon (35-40% alcohol), vanilla beans (1 1/2 beans for 4 oz), and bottles. It is best to have dark colored bottles.

You slice the beans in 1/2 and then split them down the middle, place 3 pieces in a 4 oz jar, and fill with alcohol. You can add more vanilla beans if you like.

I made 16 bottles and this was my approx. cost breakdown:

When I posted this 4 years ago the total cost for each 4 oz bottle was $3.77.  At today’s price (9/8/16) the cost is $3.72.  This of course will vary depending on where you purchase your supplies.

The vanilla will need to set for at least 1 month but the longer it sets the better it will get.  You will get the full flavor after 6 months. You can strain the vanilla and dry out the beans a bit and made vanilla sugar with them or just add more alcohol when it is down to 1/3 of a bottle.

Here is a great website for more information on making vanilla.

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6 Responses to Homemade Vanilla

  1. Weve been doing this for a couple of years noe too – I like the taste so much better. I’ve made it with vodka, but my favourite version was with rum.

  2. Melanie says:

    I have always made mine with vodka, but rum sounds like an interesting choice. I may have to try that version.

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