Lotion Bar 2

I have been using more and more essential oil and have found that putting them into my lotion bars is one of the best ways to use them. I really like the first lotion bar I made but wanted to try other recipes to compare.   This recipe (at Every Day Paleo) also shows you how to make this bar into a deodorant, sunscreen, or even a bug repellent.


Place all ingredients, except vitamin E oil and essential oils, in a glass bowl or empty glass jar (canning jars work great for this). Place the container in a pan and fill with about 2″ of water.  Heat on medium low until all ingredients are melted.  I use a old chop stick or a wood skewer to stir.  Remove and add Vitamin E oil and essential oils.  Pour into molds.  I have used individual silicone muffin cups and silicone molds. Let set for several hours or over night and then remove from molds.  I usually place mine in the fridge to set faster.

I used the Vitamin E oil and Shea butter.  You could use 1/4 cup Shea Butter and 1/4 Cup of Cocoa Butter.  

NOTE: It is best to use items that won’t be used again for food as getting the lotion out is a bit tricky.

These bars are soft so I keep them in my fridge.  When I want to use them I place them in a container (these are the jars I use and I can fit 2 bars in them).  I like to make several different kinds for different uses.  I keep one by my bedside with a stress relief essential oil or lavender.  I rub this on my feet before going to sleep.  For my hands and feet during the day I like to use frankincense essential oil.  For outside I will use peppermint essential oil as bugs tend to shy away from it.

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