Olive and Castor Oil Soap (Castile Soap)

I guess this could be labeled Castile Soap but I understand that a true Castile Soap is 100% olive oil.  From what I have read 100% olive oil is much harder to get to trace so I decided to stick with a bit of castor oil.

I used the recipe from the Oatmeal and Honey Castile Soap and input the ingredients into the lye calculator without the honey and oatmeal.  I also decided to double this.  Here is what I used.

  • 64 oz olive oil
  • 6 oz castor oil
  • 8.7 oz lye (7% superfatting)
  • 24 oz water

Measure out your olive and castor oil and place on low in a large crockpot.  Mix your lye and water (NEVER ADD YOUR WATER TO THE LYE but add the lye to the water). See recommended precautions below.  When the water is clear pour into your crockpot and mix to trace with a stick blender (You mix for about 20 seconds with the blender and then just stir for about 20 seconds the blender). Cook on low for about an hour or until the soap has folded in on itself and changed to a clear color. Someone described it between vaseline and mashed taters. Pour into molds.  You can line your molds with wax paper or parchment paper.    Let sit for 24 hours.  Unmold and cut into bars.

This recipe almost didn’t fit in my crockpot. This is what it looks like when it begins to fold in on itself.  There have been a few times with other soap recipes that it did not go through this process and just changed colors.

This is almost done.  There was about 4 minutes left on the timer.  Does it look like mashed taters and vaseline?

This recipe yielded me 18 large bars and 8 smaller bars.  Olive oil soap is not a high lather soap.

I don’t think I have enough lye to try any more recipes, but there is some on the way!!  I found a site that has 4 different Castile Soap recipes and of course I will have to try them and compare.

These are the websites I  found my ingredients.  PLEASE shop around and get the best price.  Shipping can be too high if you are just ordering a few ingredients from one place.

I have found many helpful websites that you can read before you journey to soap making.

Here are some books that you can also check out.

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2 Responses to Olive and Castor Oil Soap (Castile Soap)

  1. Next on my homemaking bucket list is soap making. I love seeing these kinds of posts from people who’ve had success. I keep them bookmarked for when I get a chance to try it myself.

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