Picking a Tree

We used to have a pine tree in our front yard but it was hit by lightning and killed, YEAH.  I then planted a magnolia tree in its place.  Eventually I realized that the leaves do not break down and they really leave a mess and kill the grass.  If I had known that we would no longer have grass I would have left it but we cut it down one year after a hurricane.  So it was time to chose another tree.

I went to Maple Street Natives because I wanted something native to Florida.  I asked for a pretty fast growing tree.  The owner suggested pine tree (nope), live oak, maple, mahogany,  elm or pignut hickory.  Since they all were the same price, and I know nothing about trees I decided to see which one I liked the best.  At first I picked out a mahogany but then saw the hickory and liked the shape of the leaves better.  Hickory nuts are edible which is a plus and this tree will give fall color!

This tree was in a 3 gallon pot and was $15.00.  All of the trees in  3 gallon pots were $15.00.  They also have 7 gallon pots for $40.00.

What trees do you have in your yard?

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