Gluten Free Mac and Cheese

Since going gluten free I have done pretty good.  However yesterday I decided to break down and had a hamburger at Chili’s and I ate the bun.  Of course I am suffering today with pretty bad pains in my hands.  The big question is did I learn anything.  I sure hope so.

So today for dinner NO GLUTEN!!  I have wanted to try homemade mac and cheese for about a week.  I called a wonderful friend who is such a good cook and asked her how to make homemade mac and cheese.  She said to make a white sauce and add cheese.  Boy that is easy.  Thanks Charlene!!

I purchased Tinkyada brand elbow pasta (I really like this brand). I cooked 2 cups of this pasta, made a medium white sauce, added 1 cup of sharp cheddar cheese to the sauce and poured it over the pasta.

This is creamy and so yummy.  My husband said he was not going to eat any because of the gluten free pasta but he did  and is even taking some for lunch tomorrow.

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