Protecting Watermelon from Pests

I tried this idea last year and had great success.  I had lots of eggplants but bugs and worms kept attacking them.  So I purchased cheap knee high panty hose from Wal-Mart for less than $.50 per pair. They come in a little plastic type egg.  It was well worth the purchase to save my veggies.

I have 3 watermelons growing right now and want to keep them protected so I have covered them with the knee highs.  Can’t wait to see how they do.

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5 Responses to Protecting Watermelon from Pests

  1. Gosia says:

    Great tip. I will try it. I have a mystery melon growing with a couple a good size melons on it. Something started to attack the leaves but the fruit is still perfect.

  2. That is a neat tip – though I have never had anything attack my watermelons before (except the dog).

  3. Deborah M says:

    Unfortunately here in south Florida, they destroyed the vines so the fruit didn’t fully develop.

    • Not fun!!! I had LOTS of leaf footed bugs last spring that tried to destroy all my tomatoes. I have used tulle to cover plants before. The bees can’t get in to pollinate but if you have fruit already its worth it. JoAnns has it on sale a lot.

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