Dehydrating Moringa Leaves in the Car

I wanted to experiment with dehydrating my Moringa leaves in the car since a friend suggested trying it.  The hardest part about this experiment was finding time that I wasn’t driving around.

Today I decided to stake my leaning Moringa tree and broke a huge branch off.  Now was the time to try the experiment.  

I used the trays from my dehydrator, pulled my car outside of the garage and waited.  The temperature reached 140 degrees at one point.  I left them in the car for approximately 6 1/2 hours and I  didn’t get them into the car until 11am.

This worked perfectly and it used NO electricity which means it cost nothing to dehydrate.

Dried Moringa is about a 7:1 ratio to fresh leaves.  This is the website that I purchased my first Moringa seeds from and they list many uses for the powder.

Moringa powder can be very expensive, up to $42 lb, to purchase but I get mine for free!  The Moringa powder I have from fresh dried leaves look so much greener then powder you can purchase and I know there has been nothing added to my powder.  

If you would like more information about Moringa please visit my post about them.  

Maybe its time to try dehydrating food next?

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3 Responses to Dehydrating Moringa Leaves in the Car

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  2. thebeadden says:

    Lucky you! I love the idea of dehydrating in your vehicle. Can’t wait to see if you try food!

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