Mushrooms, Raspberries and Watermelons

I have not had to water my garden for a few days, since Isaac, and it was fun to walk around to see how things were doing.

I love looking a mushrooms, yes I said look, I will not eat one unless an authority tells me I can.  In looking this one up, if I identified it correctly, it has 8 toxins in it. I am still not sure of its name.  There are also many mushrooms that you can eat that have poison look a likes.

The patch of raspberries that all sprouted from one little transplant, and I do mean little, are filled with raspberries.  They were not bothered at all by Isaac’s winds.

I spotted a watermelon from the “volunteer” vine that is growing all over my garden area.  I thought it might be a cantelope which has popped up before but today I spotted this.  I can’t believe I missed it!

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2 Responses to Mushrooms, Raspberries and Watermelons

  1. Angela says:

    Luv your volunteer watermelon and plenty raspberries – what a blessing. Glad you did not get damages from hurricane. Lets keep praying for Louisiana.

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