Snow Queen Shawl or Hair Scarf

This pattern from Sun Shine Creations is not only beautiful but unique.  I really like different patterns and this is one of them.  The shells are almost 3 dimensional.

You can use any yarn or crochet thread you chose and  a hook that will give you the results you want.  For my black shawl I used Red Heart Shimmer.  There are lots of shimmer yarns on the market right now.  I used 3 skeins and crocheted with a size F hook.  You could  use a larger hook for a more airy look.

I began crocheting this variegated shawl with a baby weight yarn and a size C hook.  It will probably take 3 -4 skeins.

This pattern could also be used for a head scarf or shawl using crochet thread which I will try next.

I would rate this pattern as intermediate.  The instructions on the site are clear and there are great pictures for beginning the pattern.  After row 7 the pattern is established and you repeat rows 5-7 until you achieve the desired length you want.  Please give it a try!

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