Repairing a Belt with Suede Lacing

Accessories can be expensive, especially belts. I put on my white leather belt the other day and was afraid it would break while I was wearing it.  I tried to find a new belt at the thrift store but there were none to be had that I liked.  I even tried Charming Charlies and Target.  So I decided to try to repair the one I had.  

Michael’s to the rescue. I had a 50% off coupon and they had white suede lacing!!  They had 2 different spools one had 8 yards and 1 had 25 yards.  I purchased the 25 yard spool for $4.50.  I should have known I would not need even close to that much.  I think this repair probably cost less than $1 as I have TONS of the lacing left.  Guess I will keep it for future repairs.  

There were 3 pieces of lacing woven through the circle metal pieces and then through a small flattened metal piece.  The hardest part was at each end of the belt where I had to bend apart the small metal piece.  I did this by cutting the old suede off and then using a LARGE screw driver to stretch it apart. After I laced the pieces through the closures I just flattened it back.

The original belt was a bit big so I was able to decrease the size while replacing the old lacing.  Now I can use my $35 gift cards at Kohl’s for something else!

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2 Responses to Repairing a Belt with Suede Lacing

  1. thebeadden says:

    Clever re-do! You sure are handy!

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