Raspberries 7-6-2012

I have to admit from the beginning that I know just about nothing when it comes to growing raspberries.  I purchased 2 plants 3 years ago and put them in pots that are in the ground.  I tried several times to grow transplants and had no success.  This past year I did however get 1 small plant to take root in a pot near my house and got several raspberries from it. 

This year that small plant has grown like a weed.  I am not sure when raspberries are supposed to produce berries but I have some now.  These plant are doing much better than the original plant which is in full sun. 

Does anyone have any advice for what to do next?  I am trying to keep them staked as much as possible and can’t wait to get lots and lots of berries.

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3 Responses to Raspberries 7-6-2012

  1. thebeadden says:

    The tags always say full sun. I don’t understand it because berries are wild and are usually found in partial shade. Next year I am going to move my berries as I haven’t had much luck with them either.
    I don’t have raspberries, wish I could be of help.

    • What kind of berries do you have?

      • thebeadden says:

        We had loads of blackberries that just weren’t doing well the last few years. Strawberries (just a few) and blueberries that are newly planted this year. We did take a raspberry bush from the trash at a store, hoping to bring it back to life. 🙂

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