Crocheted Corkscrew Ponytail Holder

My sister-in-love is forever seeing things and emailing them to me to see if I can create them.  I think this ponytail holder is close to what she saw.

I purchased metal free ponytail holders from Target but I am sure you can get them almost anywhere.  Just make sure they are stretchy and large or small enough for what you want.

I decided to show directions for a 2 color holder.  You can make them a single color if you prefer.  The corkscrew can be as short or as long as you want. I used an E crochet hook and worsted yarn.

          Join the first color yarn to the ponytail holder and chain a couple of stitches with the tail enclosed.


Now is when you decide how long you want your corkscrew.  For this one which is shorter I chained 15. 




Skip the first chain and then single crochet 3 times in each chain.                                    

This is what the corkscrew will look like when you get to the end of the chain. 


Pull a big loop of the first color so it does not pull out.  Next join the 2nd color, chain (I chained 10 to make this color a little shorter than the first color) and then 3 sc in each chain.  Pull a large loop of this color and the insert your crochet hook back into the first color loop.

Crochet two sc over the ponytail holder on the other side of the second color.


Chain 15 and make another corkscrew.  Pull a large loop so it does not pull out.

Insert your hook into the previous color.  Crochet 2 sc onto the ponytail holder and crochet the next corkscrew.  Continue this process until you get to the end.  Make sure you end up with alternating colors.

Finish off and weave in the ends.  This is what it should look like when finished.

This has very long corkscrews, 25 and 30 chains and I used hdc instead of sc.

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