Thrift Store Jean Skirt Repurpose

When I started repurposing jean skirts I knew exactly where I wanted to go to find them, thrift stores. I just knew I would find some short skirts that I could make into longer skirts for myself.  This week was my chance.  I headed over to Goodwill and found 2 skirts I could use.  Can you believe they were only 10 1/2″ long.  I had to wear a pair of leggins just to get a picture of the skirt.  I hope whoever wore them did the same.

 It is easier to repurpose a jean skirt as you don’t have to worry about taking out all the seams. If you want to repurposed a pair of jeans there are two different ways to do that.  You can sew fabric onto them as in this skirt or you can sew another pair of jeans into them.

I took the hem out of the skirt before I attached the fabric to remove the bulk.  If this skirt had been a little longer I could have just cut the hem off.  There were slits on the side so I had to sew those closed.  I purchased a yard of fabric, washed it and then cut two pieces that were 17″ long by the width of the fabric.  I am only 4′ 11″ tall so I don’t need much fabric.  The skirt was 40″ around so I figured two pieces of 42″ wide fabric were enough for the skirt attachment.  You can see how I attached the skirt on this blog page.

One additional step that I did with this skirt was to top stitch where the jean skirt and fabric skirt meet.  This makes the fabric lay flatter and not poof up.

I purchased this  skirt for $2.50 and I purchased high quality quilting fabric for $13 a yard.  So the cost of this skirt was $15.50.  I could have purchased less expensive fabric and I will in the future.  The hardest part was chosing a fabric that would go with things I already had in my closet.  If you have solid tops you could go with a fun printed fabric.

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3 Responses to Thrift Store Jean Skirt Repurpose

  1. Dee says:

    Very nice refashion!

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