1 Pair Capris + 1 Pair Jeans = 1 Skirt

For over 7 years I have stored away a pair of jeans. They were probably the most expensive jeans I have ever purchased so even though they were to small I couldn’t part with them. When I pulled them out to make this skirt I knew they were small but a size 14 girls!!

I want to wear more skirts but the problem is I can only find elastic waists or dress skirts.  I have not even been able to find a pattern I like. So I decided to save my money and reconstruct my jeans.


I began with a pair of capris and my expensive, too small, beautiful embroidered jeans. 


I first took out the inside seam of the capris and then the jeans. For the capris that were the main skirt I also took out the seam up to the front zipper and the seam in the back until the seam would now lay flat.

I zigzaged all the edges so they wouldn’t fray and then layed these two seams flat and pinned.



Next I layed the skirt flat and cut the hem straight.    



 I then fitted the embroidered jean leg into the open area and pinned this in place.  I used the emboridery for the front piece and a plain piece for the back.  I sewed these pieces in place with two rows of stitching.  You could also use a double needle if you wanted.  I sewed mine with dark blue thread but you could purchase jean thread and sew your seams with that.


Next I turned the skirt inside out and cut the extra fabric but left about an inch so I could zigzag the edges so they wouldn’t fray.


I finished the hem and skirt completed! Now on to my next project.

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6 Responses to 1 Pair Capris + 1 Pair Jeans = 1 Skirt

  1. sharon says:

    How creative you are..

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