Gluten-Free Homemade Pasta

I talked with a friend the other day about her husband going gluten-free and told her the only thing that I hadn’t really found was a good pasta.  I had not made a homemade one so after talking with her I went on a search.  Home Run!!!! This recipe is so good and the Gluten-free Girl and the Chef did a lot of work to make it perfect.

I had everything I needed except the garbanzo-fava flour and psyllium husk powder so I headed out this morning to purchase them.  I purchased the flour at the local health food store and the psyllium husk powder at “The Vitamin Shoppe”.  I had to laugh as the young man at the store said “oh yes psyllium husk powder is the roto rooter of fiber”.  Hummm not sure I want that in my pasta!

I am so thankful that I have a food processor even though it is a hand-me-down and is a bit broken.  I think with all this new gluten-free cooking I will be getting a new one soon. This recipe does tell you how to mix the dough if you do not have a food processor but it was so much quicker with one.

I measured all my ingredients and processed away.  I did add a little more water and oil but I think a tad bit more would have been perfect.  As you can see my dough cracked a bit so I know it was a little dry.

I will have to practice more on rolling out the dough getting it even.  I think if I divided the dough in 1/2 and rolled out each section separately it would have been easier. On the recipe site there is a video of the Chef rolling out his pasta.

The recipe says to cook for 2-3 minutes but I have never liked my pasta al dente and cooked mine for 4 minutes. 

Please read all of the recipe post as it has lots of information on it.  It also talks about eggs and the difference between free range and store-bought in recipes.  I am glad I had some free range eggs that my friend had just brought me. Free range eggs are much more healthy for you and have

• 1/3 less cholesterol
• 1/4 less saturated fat
• 2/3 more vitamin A
• 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
• 3 times more vitamin E
• 7 times more beta carotene

Read more: Real Food

Now I just need to see if I can dry and store this so I don’t have to make fresh every time I want pasta.

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