Cutting Soap – The Mitre Box Way

I made a double batch of the hair soap recipe, I use it as a face soap, yesterday and needed to cut the bars today.  I have been looking on the internet for gadgets that I could cut my soap with.  I found several sites that suggest using a mitre box and since I had one in my garage I decided to try that.  No sense in spending money if I don’t have to.


I pulled it out and measured the space between the two areas for a saw and it measured 1″ which is exactly what I wanted.  Now to figure out what to use that I could push my soap against before I cut.  I tried foam core but too thick so decided on a couple of sheets of card stock paper I had.  You could also use poster board or maybe even a couple of strips of Duct tape taped together.  I just slid the sheets into the slanted slots and creased the paper so it was somewhat straight when the soap pushed against it.

Now what to cut it with.  Most of the sites that used a mitre box also used a bread dough scraper.  They are fairly inexpensive but since I didn’t have one, and I am trying not to spend money, I pulled out one of my kitchen knives.  After all it is just soap and since I use the crockpot method the soap should not have “active” lye in it.  It worked perfect.

Almost every bar was 4 oz each!!  How wonderful is that.  I used old bread pans lined with wax paper that are about 3 1/2″ x 10″ for my molds.  If I had been able to get the tops of the soap exactly even when I put the soap in I am sure all the bars would have been perfect, but who is going for perfect.

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