Celtic Knot Headband – Crochet Chain Stitch

When I saw this headband I tried it immediately, after all it is just a chain stitch. I knew right away I was not going to like the ribbon that was glued on for a tie, so I sat out to change that feature.

The original headband had you crochet one long chain of 300 and 1 shorter chain of 160. For my version I chained 3 seperate strands of 95 chains each with approx 1 yard of yarn at the beginning and at the end of each chain.  Then I chained 3 strands of 55 chains each, again with the 1 yard of yarn at the beginning and end. I used a size “I” hook and I crochet rather tight so you may need to adjust for yourself.  I then placed the 3 longer chains together and tied a knot at both ends keeping them even and did the same for the 3 shorter chains.  Make sure your knot is right at the end of your chains.

After I tied the two sets I followed the instructions for making the actual celtic knot but being careful to keep the ends as even as possible.  It doesn’t matter if you are a little off because when you tie the headband it will stretch some.


When I was finished making the knot I then taped each end down to a flat surface and braided the l yard ends together. You will have 6 strands so I divided the strands by 2. I braided for approx. 15″ then tied a knot and trimmed the ends. 

I think this is a much nicer finish, no glue showing and I don’t have to purchase ribbon which is not as cheap as it used to be.  You can also do your chains in any color combination.

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3 Responses to Celtic Knot Headband – Crochet Chain Stitch

  1. Laura Lynn says:

    Love This, KEO!!!!

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