Pineapple Song Doily

 I love to crochet with tread and love doilies.  I don’t know where this love came from as I never had doilies growing up and I don’t really use them in my home.  But this one is on my dresser.

The Pineapple Song doily is 19 1/2″ in diameter and I crocheted it out of a cream thread.  The pattern is from “Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies” and it has 18 beautiful doily patterns.  They range from 11 1/2″ to 19″.  There are 2 patterns for ovals.

I would rate this for a confident intermediate or advanced.  I had to stop several times and figure out what the instructions were trying to tell me to do.  The finished product is well worth the time and effort to make it.

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1 Response to Pineapple Song Doily

  1. myaoo says:

    Very gorgeous and beautiful!!

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