Papaya and Mulberry TreeTransplants 5/30/12

I have WONDERFUL friends.  This past week I received a papaya tree and a mulberry cutting.  I planted the papaya in a pot and the mulberry cutting right into the ground.  Because I know just about nothing of growing either one I did some research.

Papayas are easy to grow from seed. There are 3 different types of papaya trees, male, female and bisexual. A female will produce if there is a male close but you don’t need a male if the plant is bisexual.  My friend’s plant produced papayas so her must have been bisexual.  After some reading I found seeds produced could be any of the 3.   On one site it said the flowers of the female are big and close to the stalk while males are out further and an elongated shape.  Another site said on male stalks the leaves are far apart while the females are closer together but I didn’t find out what they meant by close.  Here is a website that has some good information.   Papayas are easy to grow in containers.

The mulberry tree is also easy to grow.  Most of the information I found said to break smaller branches from the parent plant and put them in water until roots grow.  I was given a pretty big branch so didn’t try that.  I thought for sure it was not going to make it but with all the rain we have gotten in the past week it still seems ‘green’ and it looks like buds are coming out of where the dead leaves were. Yeah!!!  There are trees that produce either male or female flowers but some have both.  I am hoping mine will produce mulberries. Here is some information on mulberry trees.  There are three types of mulberries, white, red and chinese.  I think I have a red. 

Did you know that mulberries were typically chosen for silk worm production?

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2 Responses to Papaya and Mulberry TreeTransplants 5/30/12

  1. wendyandjimpatterson says:

    thanks for the website link. I’m hoping that I have one of each because they look slightly different! Bought them at WalMart in Spring and now they’re 3+ feet! The one that I think is the female really wilts in the heat of the day just like a tomato…even if you give her plenty of water in the morning…we’ll see!

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