Lemongrass and Moringa Flower Tea from the Garden

I DON’T like drinking water so I am always adding something to “get it down”.  My poison of choice is juice, the kind you purchase in the store, which I know is loaded with sugar and not only bad for me but for my teeth and waistline. So my goal this summer is to find good things to drink that are also good for me.

A friend gave me some lemongrass that has really begun to grow and my moringa’s are  blooming so I decided mix the two together to see what it would taste like.  I have made moringa flower tea before and it tastes so fresh and light so I couldn’t wait to see how this tea would taste.

I picked a 1/4 cup of moringa flowers and cut up 1/4 cup of lemongrass leaves (1/2″ pieces).  I put them into my glass tea pot with 6 cups of boiling water for 15 minutes.  After cooling a bit I poured the tea over ice.  I didn’t add any honey as I wanted only the taste of tea the first time. 


I really like the taste of this tea blend and I know it is actually good for me.  For more information on moringa visit my moringa page .  Here is some information I found on lemongrass.

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2 Responses to Lemongrass and Moringa Flower Tea from the Garden

  1. So pretty and refreshing looking. Another refreshing drink is fresh ginger tea — nice over ice.

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