Lotion Bar – Homemade

I made homemade lotion once before and was not thrilled with the results so when I ran across a recipe for a lotion bar from Little House in the Suburbs the  I thought I would try it.  A friend of mine said that lotion bars were quite expensive when purchased retail.  I just did a quick search on the internet and found one that was $9.99 for 2.5oz and it is made in China.

When I got home from bible study today my avocado oil had arrived so of course I had to make the bars immediately. I used the luxury bar recipe.

This is an easy recipe with equal ingredients of bees wax, avocado oil, shea butter and 1200 i.u. of vitamin E for every 6-8 oz of other oils you use.  You melt everything and pour into molds or into a container.  I poured mine into mini silicone cupcake holders and scraped the remainder into a plastic container.

I immediately rubbed some of the warm lotion onto the heels of my feet and onto my hands.  The website says it will feel oily at first but it will soak in.  I really like the feel of this lotion and it has soaked in but still feels soft.

I got 32 mini bars that ranged in weight from .6 – .7 oz and 3.8 oz in my plastic container.  That would be a total of approx. 23 oz.  The total cost of the supplies were approx. $15.00 that works out to about .65 per oz.  Now I need to figure out how to store them.

Most of the ingredients to make this lotion bar can be purchased at Mountain Rose Herbs or the Soap Dish.  I purchase my bee’s wax from Space Coast Bees.

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