Hospital Robe Remake

How many of us love to wear those lovely gowns the hospital provides us with when we are there for a surgery? Most of the time it takes several minutes to get it tied up and then it chokes you when you lay down.  Never mind the open back or the fact that they are one size fits all (yea right).

When my mother was in the hospital after a major surgery I decided to come up with a robe that she could wear.  I wanted it to go on and off easy and not to interfere with all the tubes and I.V.’s.  I purchased two robes at Wal-mart that snaped up the front.  I then slit the sleeves and sewed Soft and Felixable Velcro on them so it could slip on and off without having to disconnect her I.V.’s.  These were so easy to put on we could even do it while she was sitting on the bed. This robe also has front pockets  so she was able to put the bulb from her stomach tube into it. 

This robe worked so well that the nurses were even surprised.  It was also perfect after she had her chemo port put in and had her first chemo treatment because it snaped in the front.

I don’t know why I still have one of these robes but if anyone would like it please let me know.  It is a size large and is 60% cotton, 40% polyester.

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2 Responses to Hospital Robe Remake

  1. Rebecca Earnhardt says:

    I’d love to see the robe, Keo. Sounds like a creative idea! 🙂

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