The Great Mystery – Missing Socks

This morning while I was putting away laundry I noticed my husband had 1 pair of socks in his sock drawer.  This meant that I needed to pull out the dreaded “sock box”.  You know all those socks that have piled up because when you did laundry you couldn’t find the matching sock.  This box also contains mystery socks. One of a kind socks that I can’t throw away just in case some day the matching sock shows up.

Of course this delima is compounded because when my husband has a hole in a sock he throws away the sock with the hole and not the matching one.  Why??  It’s not like every time I buy socks I buy the same kind as before unless they are on sale. 

I guess I will have to start repurposing unmatched socks.  Some people use them for cleaning but I just can’t go there…..even though they have been washed.  I wonder if there are any garden uses for them?

My husband now has 21 pairs of socks in his sock drawer, my son has 10, and I have 5. These are all the leftover socks. Oh well back in the closet for the next sock day.

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