Sustainable Gardening – Free Newspaper

I am in the process of trying to prepare part of my yard for the type of sustainable gardening I discovered while watching the “Back to Eden” video.

On the “Back to Eden” website the steps for preparing your area for sustainable gardening are listed.  Number 3 is “Apply the Covering”.  This consists of digging up tenacious weeds and then applying 3 layers of newspaper.  Paul lists several ways to get newspaper.  I now have an additional resource.

About 10 years ago when my mother was moving she had gone directly to the newspaper and was able to get end rolls from the presses.  She had to pay a deposit on the holder and when you brought it back you received your deposit back.  I figured I would drop by and see if they still did this and if I could get some rolls.  When I walked up to the receptionist desk and asked about getting some rolls the woman said “you haven’t been here in a while”.  She then explained they no longer required a deposit but they didn’t usually have the end rolls anymore as they tried to use the roll all the way to the end.  She then explained how I could get to the area where they put them if they had any.  She also told me to check back often as they went fast when they had any.

I got in my car and drove to the area she told me to look.  All I could see was a big pile of paper on the ground that was miss printed.  I began to wade through it and stuff some into my car.  As I was doing this a man walked up and said “do you want some that is already rolled up”.  I replied OF COURSE.  He went into the building and came back with 2 large rolls.  I thanked him and asked if I could bake him something.  I offered muffins or chocolate chip cookies.  He chose the cookies.  I told him I would be by next week with cookies and he said “Great, I will have some more rolls ready for you”.

Wow!! When I began this project I prayed and asked Yehovah that if this was a project He wanted me to do that He would  provide all the supplies because this was going to be a big job.  I will be sharing soon the next step that Yehovah provided.

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