Washing Hair with Baking Soda

Most people would cringe at the thought of not “washing” their hair.  I am sure I would be one of them if I had not spent months trying to find the right shampoo.  After the shampoo I used for years changed their formula and the new formula made my hair feel like a horse I was on a quest.  I purchased shampoo after shampoo with no good results.  My last hoorah was ordering a $32 shampoo off the internet which did not work either.  With all the poor results I was ready to go back to cheap shampoos,  after all nothing else worked so why should I spend money on expensive shampoos.

One day while I was looking at websites I came across someone using baking soda for their hair.  That was all I needed and I was off searching for what information I could find.  I found a formula and  decided to start using it right away, after all I had a huge bag of it so what did I have to lose.  I mixed 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 8 oz. of water in a measuring cup and tried it the next morning.  Pouring it out of a measuring cup onto my head was not the best choice.  I later purchased a plastic ketchup bottle for $.99.  After I rinsed my hair it felt soft and  I knew I was on to something.

Most websites will tell you it can take anywhere from a few days to 2 months for your hair to detox. Your scalp is so used to being stripped of oils with chemicals, that it over produces and can take a while to adjust.  I however have not experienced any of that.

I also use a vinegar rinse, 1 part cider vinegar to 3 parts water.  I keep this in a spray bottle and spritz my hair after the baking soda.  You can either rinse this or leave it on.  Your hair will no longer smell after your hair is dry. I have read that you should not use vinegar if your hair has been chemically treated.

 I use the baking soda mix about every 3 days.  Once your scalp has detoxed you can use the baking soda less and less if you chose. On the days I don’t use the baking soda I just rinse my hair in water and if I think it needs it I will spray with the vinegar mixture.

This is my hair after 14 days of no products and it has been 3 days since I used the baking soda mixture.

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8 Responses to Washing Hair with Baking Soda

  1. Gonna try it today for the first time. Thanks Keo!

    • Hope it works for you. It is an extreme money saver.

      • wendyandjimpatterson says:

        I changed to baking soda for my teeth a while back. I have had to use sensitive toothpaste for years now…but some of them seemed to UN-whiten my teeth a bit. So, with vanity I thought i’d try the baking soda for a while to whiten them back up. Guess what…no sensitivity–whiter teeth–and I’m not spending upwards of $4 for a tube of special toothpaste!!! My smile just grew a bit bigger. Can’t wait to see what my hair looks like!

      • Yes I am using that also, great stuff!!

  2. Ashley Marquiss says:

    I plan to give this a try! At least the baking soda – not sure I’m ready for the vinegar smell yet. 🙂

    • Just an update, I can not use the vinegar any longer myself. I found it causes my hair to fall out. I just found this out this week. I will be using the rosemary and lavender spray instead.

      • I’ve been using the baking soda on my hair for at least 2 years. Now the entire family does. Hubby had dry scalp and was using prescription shampoo…NO MORE! No dry scalp either. I have never used anything as a rinse on my hair, though. I had to stop using the baking soda on my teeth, though. The dentist said its just too harsh/abrasive.

  3. Ashley Marquiss says:

    Results have been great with baking soda on hair. Decided not to try the vinegar at all and am glad I did not, after what you mentioned above. My hairstylist was pleased with the results I got from baking soda, but before I had even read your comment on not using vinegar, he cautioned me that vinegar is not good for your hair – stay far away! Glad I listened to him on that one! 🙂 Really pleased with how soft my hair is after baking soda. Personally I have to still break out the Head & Shoulders (I use the new green apple scent, so it’s fairly pleasant) every few days to prevent dandruff.

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