Jean Skirt Repurposed

Do you have a skirt that is a little too short or doesn’t fit quite right.  Then its time for a make over. I literally made this skirt in about an hour before I went to fellowship with some sweet ladies today. 

I had a skirt that was too short and a  2 yard piece of fabric that I couldn’t use for a project I wanted to sew.  I remembered years ago when these types of skirts were “in” and decided to make one again.

The piece of fabric I had was 2 yards long and 45″ wide.  The first thing I did was tear the fabric the long way so I ended up with two pieces of fabric 2 yards long by 22 1/2″ wide.  You can do this by folding the fabric in half, mark the fold, take a nip with your scissors and then tear where you have nipped.

This will give you a perfect “cut”.  The only other way you could get a perfect cut is by using a rotary cutter. I wanted to do this skirt in a hurry so I just ripped.

I sewed the two pieces together to make a tube. I then surged the seams and the top where I was going to gather the skirt.  I didn’t serge the bottom hem because I wasn’t sure how long I wanted it. If you don’t have a serger you can zigzag the seams.

Next it was time to gather the skirt.  The easiest way to do this is to zigzag a piece of cord or crochet thread (which I have plenty of) across the top where you are going to gather. I use a wide zigzag so that I don’t accidentally catch the cord.

I start at one seam and zigzag all the way around ending up where I started.


  I then layed out the skirt to see where I wanted to cut it off.  Check the back pockets to make sure you have a 5/8″ seam allowance below the pockets.   Marking 1″ below the pockets would be preferable.  I just eyeballed my cut but you could measure and mark with a pen.

Now you will want to either surge or zigzag the cut edge.

The next step was to mark the middle of each fabric piece front and back so I could line up these marks with the front seam and back seam on the skirt.   I did this by laying out the piece flat with the side seam on the right and left. I then folded the piece in half and marked the folds with pins.

I then line up these pins with the front and back seams and then pin the side seams with the side seams of the skirt.

Then I pulled the cord to gather the fabric.  When the fabric was gathered I wrapped the cord around the pins so that the gathering did not come out while I was pinning.

Next pin, pin and pin.  When I thought I had enough pins I put another one in.  This helped the gathers to stay in place while sewing.  I made sure while I was pinning that the top of all the gathering had not folded behind.

Then it was time to take it to the sewing machine and sew.   I took my time while sewing and made sure the skirt underneath stayed flat.  I also placed my hand flat on the gathers to keep them straight while sewing.  When this is was all finished I then tried it on to see how long I wanted it.  I surged about 1″ off the bottom of mine and then hemmed.

I am short so dividing a piece of fabric in 1/2 was fine for me.  If you are taller and still want a longer skirt you may want to purchase more fabric and not divide in half.  This skirt is pretty full and I could have used  1 1/2 yards. I you are doing a child’s skirt you can use much less fabric, maybe a yard. This is a fun skirt to play around with and I hope you enjoy making one.

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