Homemade Lip Balm

When I began making homemade products I came across this recipe for lip balm on Frugally Sustainable, Lip Balm.  I must say I love this website and have found many  recipies I use for products.

This is such an easy receipe and you have 4 1 oz. tins in minutes. I am not sure of the cost as the ingredients are minimal since I had purchased the ingredients to make soap.  I purchased the tins from Mountain Rose Herbs for $.70, with shipping the cost was $1.12 each. I ordered other supplies from them when purchasing tins.  If you purchase these from Speciality Bottle This looks just like store bought but, MUCH nicer on your lips and you know what all the ingredients are!

RESULTS:  Everyone that has tried this has loved it.  I will be making it for gifts.

Note: If you order tins with Speciality Bottle the cost of shipping is $6.30 for up to 14 tins.  If you purchase 14 tins the cost is $.88 per tin. I did not use essential oils as it increases the cost of the end product.

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