Gardening – My Journey

I have been gardening off and on for over 18 years.  My first garden was very small and I only grew green beans and cucumbers.  As it grew, I added tomatoes, peas, asparagus, mint, and various herbs.  After I while I took that garden out.  It was in our front yard and hard to keep up with the turtles, rabbits and raccoons that lived around the area. 

When we had our back yard fenced  about 7 years ago I decided it was time to try again.  I began with container gardening as we have a septic system in the back of our house. My great idea of using cement blocks did not turn out to be a good choice.  Spiders and other bugs loved crawling in the holes!!

  A couple of years ago while at Lowe’s they had raised beds for sale so I bought several and started increasing the size of my garden.

I have tried many different types of plants and flowers over the years and it has been fun experimenting.

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