Emergency Call Buttons

My mother moved in with my family when she was diagnosed with stage 4 endometial cancer in April 2010.  When I decided to attend bible study at my church I knew I did not want her to be at home alone for 2 1/2 hours.  She did not want a sitter so I decided to search out those “I have fallen but can’t get up” type of systems.  There are many different companies out there and I could not figure out which one I thought would be the best.  So I posted on Facebook to my friends to see if anyone had used a company and if they had been happy.  A friend emailed back and said they had used Philips Lifeline and had been happy with their service.

I called the company and spoke with a representative.  They were so helpful and made the ordering process so easy.  They even suggested a lock box to hang on the exterior door in case police or ambulance had to be called. I had never even thought of that before. It sure beat my door being broken down to get to my mother. There was a cost for the lock box which I think was around $25.00.

We ordered the Auto-alert option in case she fell and was unconscience.  At the time I believe this was also the only company that carried this option. It was a little more per month but I wanted to know if she fell and couldn’t press the button that it would automatically call.

Since this is the only company that I used I have nothing to compare to. But I was very pleased with the service.  The only problem was she did have a little problem pushing the button at times.  I would do a test each time I left the house to make sure she could set off the alarm.  This was nice since I could put the box on test and it would not call the company.

Every month a human would  speak from the box and ask if everything was OK.  That was fun as we never knew when it would happen.  I guess they do this to make sure the equipment was still plugged in and working.

When my mother passed away all I had to do was call the company and they sent me a pre-paid label to send the equipment back.

Has anyone else had any experience with these types of companies? Please let us know.

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