Cupcakes Take the Cake


I attended an event today at an invitation of a friend.  WHAT an amazing morning it was.  My friend had also invited another woman who was overwhelmed with all of the circumstances in her life, believe me there were many.  I was privelaged to watch God in  action in a mighty way. It was amazing (yes I know I have already used this word) to see how God used almost every woman at our table to reach out to her in very tangible ways.  I love when God shows us that he loves us right where we are and that He is there to heal our broken hearts and to take on our burdens.Thank you Yehovah for showing me your fingers of love!!

I have been a Christian for over 30 years and had never heard the full history of the Jewish wedding back in the time of Jesus.  The speaker today gave us this history. Did you know, I didn’t, that after the groom signed the contract with the bride and they drank a cup together to seal the contract that the groom would say “I go to prepare a place”.  Those are the words that Jesus said before He died.

Here is a little history on this Jewish custom.  We miss so much without this Jewish history.

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