Baby Birds!!


Last year I discovered a mocking-bird building a nest in the flower vines on my fence.  The bird noticed that I discovered the nest and abandoned it as there had been no eggs laid. Today while trimming my firebush I noticed a mockingbird acting a little upset.  I soon figured out why.  It had built a nest in my tree.  The way it was acting I knew there were either eggs or birds in the nest.  As I tried to get closer without disturbing what was in the nest I was quite surprised to see at least two birds sleeping in the nest. In doing some reading the mockingbird lays an average of 3-4 eggs.  The incubation period is 12-13 days and they leave the nest in 12 days.  That seems quick.  Glad I got to see them.  I just love seeing God’s creatures!!

4/26 Here is the mama bird trying to feed her babies if I would ever stop watering and go back in the house.

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1 Response to Baby Birds!!

  1. Seasonsgirl says:

    Cool baby birds… it is one of God great creations 🙂

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