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wpid-wp-1404851805116.jpegMy family moved to Alaska in 1963 and I spent my childhood growing up there. When I was 18 I moved to Minnesota and  through the providence of Yehovah I came to Florida for a wedding in 1980 and never left.  I met my husband at work and we were married in 1981.

I studied sign language for 5 years and almost became an interpreter but Yehovah had other plans.  I still love to sign but don’t do it much anymore.  I have taught adults and homeschoolers sign language.  I even tried my hand at teaching autistic children, at the request of a friend, but learned it was not my gift. 

I have one son that I homeschooled for 12 years and am thankful that Yehovah gave me that opportunity.  While homeschooling we were able to become part of 4-H.  There are so many things that we did through this group and it provided many opportunities for activities.  Please see my 4-H page for more information. He graduated from Florida Institute of Technology, yes homeschooled students can go to college, lol.

I traveled through a journey of cancer twice with my mother.  The second time was from April 2010 to February 2011 when she left the living. I learned a lot during that time and on this side of the experience I feel privileged to have walked with her along that path. One thing that really helped me was to journal and  I decided to do that on a blog. This was also helpful to those who were concerned and wanted to stay updated.  Here is the  blog Cancer Daughter.

My hobbies are sewing, crocheting, gardening, cooking, and making just about anything homemade.  When my mother moved in with my family I decided to narrow down all the things I do because I needed room. I decided to get rid of most of  my scrapbooking, cross stitch and card making supplies, believe me there was a TON.  I am thankful I was forced to clean out.  It has been 3 1/2 years and I don’t regret getting rid of anything.


9 Responses to About Me

  1. Susan Angelo says:

    Hi Keo,

    I saw your beautiful cross bookmark recently and your reply comment where you indicated you do sell them. Today I can’t find it. Do you still sell them? They are beautiful!

  2. michelle says:

    I too studied sign language — years ago (Interpreter II level), and I also took care of my mom the last years of her life. I am sorry you left Christianity. I am sure Jesus misses you and wants your friendship back. You are a very talented lady. I hope to come back and read more on this website and browse your crochet patterns. Thank you.

  3. Sharon Chevalier-Wand says:

    Hi Keo. So good to see you abd spend time with you. We forgot to exchange ph#s and emails. I read about the drs. Dying on the east coast from lymes disease? Is this happening anywhere else? Kinda seems fishy if its just on the east coast. Big pharma at work???

  4. Diana Thomas says:

    Hi Keo! I found your blog while I was googling “crochet baby moose hat patterns”. I adore your moose hat so I tried to follow your link to purchase the pattern but it is no longer on Etsy. Any chance I can get a copy of your pattern somehow? My niece is expecting a boy in February and her nursery theme are moose. Please contact me at didi69t@juno.com. . Thank you! Diana

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